If you are interested in getting tattooed, , please call Big Brain Tattoo (402) 342-2885 thank you


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Nick,

    This is Dan Staddon. You did my Victrola tattoo on my chest on Thurday night. First off thanks again, the work is phenomenal! There is one little leaf that I think you might of missed or maybe it was just to small to color green. I am going to be busy for the next few days getting things prepared for my Dad’s funeral. I would like to stop by the shop some time late next week so you could take a look and maybe fill it in.

    Let me know. You can email or text 517 404 7879

    Take care, and have a great x-mas,


  2. Hey Nick. You started a piece for me at the end of last summer. I was a crazy fall and winter and I had to take care of a lot of other things so I didn’t get a chance to come in and get it finished. I went to BB and they said you just left. I have to ask are you coming back anytime soon, even to visit? Honestly I would rather you finish it for me than anyone else. I am sure you don’t remember me but I was the big baby with the three flowers on my hip. Hope that helps. I do mean BIG BABY btw.

  3. Hi, i was looking into getting a tattoo done and my friend suggested you because u did alot of her boyfriends and the place i was gunna go she said she had hers done there and they did very bad line work and thats my entire tattoo. i was wondering where you are located and if you have any openings. Im trying to get the end of an irish prayer done on my side. “May God Keep me in the palm of His hand”

    if you could email me or call/txt me if you are availible i would apreciate it.
    or best way to get ahold of me (586)382-4654

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